Friday, 24 September 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't been around for absolutely aaaaages, and as well as not posting, I haven't been able to find the time to read any of my favourite blogs either, booo.

This is what's been taking up all of my time - it has been a long, long process, but it's finally finished!

I'd made a really simple crochet garland that hangs in our living room, and when our letting agent came round to do the routine inspection, she decided she loved everything we had, and wanted a piece of the action for her Grandsons bedroom. And so, the personalised crochet garland was born!

It took simply forever, but the look on her face when she unwrapped it made it completely worthwhile!
I've also been making little things for little people - my friend had her baby, which called for a teeny tiny hat, complete with pom pom and ear-flaps. Excuse the terrible photo - it was taken on the Blackberry, on the kitchen counter!

I've since been commissioned to make three hats for a friends child and her nieces, so there'll be another project post coming up soon!


  1. Wow that garland is amazing - you really have been busy, cute hat too - I do love a pom pom on children, x

  2. That garland is simply stunning- a work of art. Loving the little hat too. Hope all is well with the family x

  3. The garland is tres magnifique (sorry not sure why I'm talking in French). No wonder you've been AWOL for so long. It's great you're back. Look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  4. That garland is OUTSTANDING! I love it! Especially the crochet clouds..! Now, did you make the hat pattern up yourself? Or can you direct me as to where you found it as I know a little head that needs a-coverin' too this winter.

    Really nice to hear from you. I've barely posted at all this summer. Suddenly got too busy what with the baby crawling/cruising/not napping half as much. I've got an RSS feed app on my phone, so when I'm walking into town I'm reading the blogs as I go. Which is where I saw this post and had to get onto a computer to comment.

    Sorry, bit of an essay! Fxx

  5. Thanks everyone! The garland turned out OK in the end but an utter nightmare to make - I think it will definitely be a one-off original!

    Lovely to hear from you all as well! I have missed being so involved with the blogging community, must keep more up to date! Very much looking forward to sitting down and catching up with all your blogs tomorrow after work :-)

    Fay - the hat was a sort of hybrid of several patterns as I couldn't find one that worked properly (probably due to the way I was crocheting!) but have since discovered this wonderful site - - and in particular this pattern - - which shows you the method of working out the basic pattern for any size head. Genius! I've always had trouble working out the shaping, but it's actually really simple if you follow this method! Then you can add ear flaps and whatever else takes your fancy afterwards! I made the pom pom myself using one of those pom pom makers - monotonous but satisfying! I'm going sit in the evenings and make a whole bunch of them as our local hospital wants some for the rheumatology department - I do love crafting for a cause!

    Now that was an essay!