Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Thursday

Down here on the South Coast, we rarely get snow. Until this year, the most we had was a flurry in April 2008, which was barely enough to make a snowman with and had melted by lunchtime. 2010 seems to be the Year of the Snowflake, leaving a thick blanket of the white stuff back January, and the same again this week - while it is admittedly a massive inconvenience, there is something rather wonderful and magical about waking up to see your street covered in snow, especially when you're so used to seeing just rain. The view from our lounge window was marvelous, all rolling white hills and frost-tipped trees, with windows adorned with icicles that resembled rather macabre bony fingers!

The day had been declared a snow-day by my manager, as I lived miles from work and public transport seemed non-existent, and I was Boy-free since my parents had just carried on with their childcare arrangements as normal. I was suddenly faced with a long, empty, quiet day stretching ahead of me - I pottered about and did a little tidying here and some cleaning there, and then decided that there was only one thing for it. Oh the weather outside was frightful, but crafting inside was delightful....

I'm plodding on with the ever-growing list of crochet hat-and-scarf orders, which have been put back a bit due to a seemingly endless bout of illness, and am also trying to squeeze in making a variety of Christmas decorations (you get a little peek of this in the photograph above, sitting comfortably next to my giant cup of tea - there will be a little tutorial to come!) Busy, busy, busy as per usual!

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