Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Owl's About That, Then?

Sorry for the awful pun in the title, but I literally couldn't help myself. This has been a lengthy project, full of much un-doing and backtracking, but finally, FINALLY, on Tuesday, I could actually announce it to be finished. Hurrah!

It's been under construction for so long now that I can't even remember where the idea of a cuddly crochet owl came from - but if memory serves me well, it started with the idea of an owl cushion, with the details stitched onto a rectangular cushion and slowly morphed into a rather lovely companion to sit next to Paddington Bear on the shelf in The Boy's room.

I suppose, after all this time, I should show you really - I feel like there should be a drum roll or something. Drrrrrrrrrr-drrrrrrrrr-drrrrrrrrr....

Could that be a wing, maybe?

And now what would an owl be doing with a rather smart green gingham ribbon?

I can't put it off any longer - I present, without further ado, Mr. Owly....

The shaping of Mr. Owly was an absolute nightmare, and although I was intending to write the stitches down as I went, it turned out to be very much a 'make-it-up-as-you-go-along-then-go-back-three-rounds-and-completely-forget-what-you-just-hooked' kind of project. The type where you're not really sure what you're going to do on the next row until you get there - does anyone else have those types of project? Or is it just me?!
Once the body was done, hooking the wings, tummy and face were relatively easy, and both the beak and ears were just triangles folded in on themselves. Once he was finished, I decided Mr. Owly still looked a little bare, and then spotted the lovely gingham ribbon lying abandoned from another project (which will be blogged about ever so soon!) - and doesn't it look just perfect tied in a smart bow around his little neck?

I love his sweet little face, and I can't help but think he looks almost wise in some way! I do think he sits rather nicely in my craft area, nestled next to my Sublime cashmerino DK...

...but as soon as The Boy saw him, sitting on the little bookshelf, amongst his brightly coloured pictures and other toys, his face lit up and he pointed to Mr. Owly. "Umm," he said, looking at me delightedly. And suddenly, all the un-ravelling and head scratching when the hooking wouldn't sit properly became completely worth it. Welcome to your new home, Mr. Owly!


  1. I love him! He is a crochet masterpiece! The button eyes and wings give him a real character. And what a lovely mummy you are to give him to the boy and not keep him all for yourself. Did you crochet the face and belly onto the existing body? Fay x

  2. Thanks love! I did them separately and then sewed them on, I'm sure that somehow it would be possible to do it all in one piece, Lord knows how though! x