Sunday, 23 May 2010

The First Crop

This is something of a delayed post, I actually took the photographs (and did the eating, yum!) a few weeks ago, but due to wedding plans galore I haven't found the time to write anything yet!

My experiments in growing have been going surprisingly well, particularly as I've only got a small balcony and a couple of wide window sills - and a few weeks ago there was an especially happy moment. My first crop!

The salad leaves were looking pretty tasty, and I decided that due to space, I would pick them all and then replant lettuces instead of sowing simple leaves. Although it looked a rather small amount while in the pot, there was an absolute abundance once picked, and they were very tasty in a sandwich with some extra mature cheese! Yum!

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  1. ooo very isnpirational! my rocket seedlings perished very suddenly, i hadnt noticed the aphids! waaaa!

    lovely blog, and thanks for visiting mine!