Thursday, 10 June 2010

Life on the Balcony....and the Windowsill

The balcony is looking ever so lovely these days, and dare I say, rather, well, promising. The runner beans have grown to absolute epic proportions (well, they probably haven't, but in comparison to the size of the balcony, they're pretty big), and the tomatoes have started to flower as well. There are roots and shoots and flowers and blooms, and the whole space is looking just how I pictured it. It's not quite Alys Fowler's Victorian terrace, but I like to think it's the balcony equivalent! I absolutely can't wait for the fruits to start arriving, tomatoes and courgettes, spinach and lettuces, and of course many many runner beans....

Meanwhile, the kitchen windowsill is a hive of activity as well - the basil, oregano and thyme and positively thriving, and I like nothing better than the delicious herb-y smells wafting in on the breeze while I'm making dinner or washing up. Home made pesto, here we come!


  1. We posted about our window boxes at the same time!

    Is that basil in the bottom 2 pics?! gracious, you'll have enough to make hundreds of jars of pesto! i have 2 little plants that smell divine. Im hoping they grow big and strong!

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I like your blog very much! Congratulations with all the vegetables growing on your balcony, I haven't succeeded in that (yet) :-)
    bye Kristina

  3. Hannah - that is indeed basil, I'm going to have to replant it in my lovely pots (shame!) as it seems to have outgrown the propagator. I seem to sew on a 'won't grow' basis, and then it does, which means I end up with tonnes of everything and have to give the spares away. I dream of a Good Life stylee garden....sigh.

    Kristina - thanks for the kind words! Growing is addictive (and good for the environment!), once you start you'll want to have a go at everything!