Monday, 24 January 2011

Stash Busting

Now all the hats on my list are done, and all wool has been distributed and accounted for, a quick peek around has revealed that I have one heck of a stash to use up!

The colours are bright and delicious, and I decided that they would be perfect as cushion covers and blankets. My first project is going to be a lovely, giant, round cushion cover....

Although hats are constructed by beginning with a flat circle, you only really have to do three or four rounds for a toddler-sized beanie, and so I found myself repeatedly flummoxed when I kept ending up with too many stitches, and a frilly, ripply edge. Good for a large table-cloth, not so good for a meant-to-be-pancake-flat cushion cover. Huff. After much unraveling, and lots of concentrating, I finally cracked it - I discovered the key was in Careful Counting! And so, I've Counted in bed in the mornings (with my favourite giant Whittard heart cup, there it is in the picture below!), and in front of the TV at night, Counted on my lunchbreaks, and Counted in the coffee shop before I started work. I've even Counted while trying to entertain the Boy, who helpfully likes to collect up all of my wool and carry it across to the other side of the room!

I'm halfway through Counting, so hopefully there will be a Finished Project Post coming soon (I haven't managed many of those on this blog so far, have I?!)


  1. Oooh, your colour choices are gorgeous! I

  2. Please tell me how to swap colours. I'm crocheting a stripy, round, cushion cover. It lies flat, but is very ugly where I swap colours on each round. What's the trick?