Sunday, 13 February 2011

Crocheting Rainbows

The one thing that's more satisfying that hooking up a project for home, or constructing something fabulous for a gift, is contributing to a cause. Sarah London, one of my favourite crochet bloggers, has devised a project that anybody, anywhere can take part in - crocheting granny squares to be made into blankets for victims of the floods in Australia.

As usual with projects like this, it doesn't matter if you can send five squares or fifty, every little helps. For more details, and information on how to sign up, head over to Sarah's blog, where you can also find pictures of all the wonderful squares already donated.

I'm already attempting to use up some of my absolutely gigantic 'stash' on a round, stripey cushion cover, but there were still several colours just begging to be used, so I got busy making some pretty random colour combinations for my grannies.

Before I knew it, there were nine deliciously bright squares ready to be posted!

In one of her recent posts, Sarah says that two blankets have already been joined together, so I'm feverishly hitting the 'refresh' button in anticipation of seeing the creations. How exciting!

I can't urge you enough to join up - even if you only have time to send one square, it will be well received. What are you waiting for? Get hooking!

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