Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Eternal Wedding

It's been two-and-a-bit weeks since the Husband (I can't call him the Nearly-Husband anymore - must think of a new nickname) and I tied the knot, and I've got a serious case of PWB - Post-Wedding Blues. I have a niggling envy of any brides-to-be still in the planning stage, and keep seeing little details that I could have added, or extra things I could have had. Since we had a civil ceremony due to a lack of funds, we're planning on having a blessing in the church where I was Christened at a later date - so that gives me something to prepare for at least!

In the meantime, our reception venue had kindly packed up all our silk flowers, and sent them back to us, which meant that for the last week or so, there has been a crate of jars, flowers, lanterns and bunting stuck in the middle of the hallway. I had thought about giving them to the local hospice, but my Mum had spent so long arranging them that I decided I wanted to keep them at home - cue an entire evening spent shuffling and reshuffling bottles and tins, postcards and photographs, until I found a home for every single bunch of flowers. There are some in every room (except the Boy's bedroom), so wherever I go, I get a little reminder of our magical day. Which I suppose will tide me over until the blessing....

The Hallway

The Kitchen

The Lounge

The Bedroom


  1. Hello. I have just started to plan my wedding, its on the 11th of september. I'm going in for a budget wedding, but most because it's a challenge! It's fun! But the part i long for the most is when that day is over, and i have my two rings and a husband and a new last name! But I have to ask you one thing, does it cost to get married at the church in england? We're going to have a small church wedding, and it doesen't cost us anything! That includes a priest, cantor and is it called verger in english? So my mum and dad pays for food ans drinks. Our only costs are the rings, clothes and flowers. Hope you will enlighten me on this subject, it would be very interesting to know! /Maja

  2. Hiya,

    We have to pay for churches over here, boooo. It was £600 for the most basic package, and can head well in to the thousands if you have a bigger church, bell ringers, a choir etc. You're so lucky to be able to marry in a church for free! I don't think there is anywhere you can get married for free here - the UK like to make as much money as they can out of absolutely everything!
    I look forward to reading about all your plans, have fun with them!

  3. Hi again! That was interesting. 600 pounds?? That's a lot! Does it cost to have a civil marriage too? And do you have to pay for bellringers? That sounds odd to me...I'm starting to feel very happy about us deciding to have a church-wedding. It's something about the atmosphere. And our little village-church is so beautifully located. I will write about my wedding at my blog, so I hope you will check it out! I have a translate-gadget, so you will be able to get it translated in to english...and if there's anything you don't understand, just write me a message! Sweet dreams /Maja