Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I decided to post just a handful of photographs from the day, which ended up being a fairly difficult job as there were so many wonderful ones to choose from. My photographer, the massively talented Lauren French, did such an amazing job - she captured exactly the look and mood that I wanted. (Although I have played around with them a little for this post - I am currently obsessed with the 1960's effect on Picnik, and the Poladroid application!)

My cousin and his wife were vegan, so rather than giving them the option of salad in bread with no butter, my mum and I whipped up some tasty vegan treats - scones, falafels, and the wonderful chocolate cake above. They had vegan cheese and mayonnaise in their sandwiches, and soya milk for the tea - I heard from my Aunt that they actually took the leftovers home in freezer bags!

The flowers were all from the Boarhunt Flower Mill, and are completely fake. Real flowers were out of our budget, but to suit the country-vintage-retro-afternoon-tea style day, some sorts of blooms had to be present. I was amazed at the quality and choice, and now also have flowers that will never wilt dotted around our little flat! We simply bound them together with stem tape, and then wrapped ribbons over the top. The dress was £200 from eBay (never worn - the seller found a nicer one) and the bag was £5 from New Look. Bargains!

My lovely, wonderful, amazing Dad.

My beautiful Mum, who helped with absolutely everything - if it weren't for her, nothing would have looked even half as nice as it did.

Continuing with the theme of DIY, my Mum and I (well, mostly my Mum actually - she's wonderful with flower arranging) tied ribbons around the tops of jam jars, pasta jars and the Boy's old juice jars, and filled them with more flowers. This was massively time consuming, but well worth it as the effect was just perfect. Favours were little retro-style paper candy bags filled with boiled sweets and chews. Nom nom nom!

The cake was probably one of the biggest triumphs - three different size layers of 'Celebration Cake' from Asda, stacked on top of each other and decorated with more flowers. My Mum found some little sugar hearts in the bakery section, so we spent a good hour 'gluing' some around the edges of the layers with icing. The whole thing can't have cost more than about £30, which in my eyes, is a whopping bargain!

The day was everything I could have wanted, and although there were some hiccups (I couldn't get the ring on the Husbands finger, and we arrived at the reception before everyone else!), they only made the day seem more 'us'. How does it feel to be married? Absolutely no different!


  1. Vicky! What a stunning bride! And what a stupendous idea for marking out the vegan items. And how cute is the little one with his head of blonde curls?! Ahh it looks like the most perfect day ever. Congratulations again!

  2. Just found your blog. Loved your piccies and the idea of a diy wedding is utterly fab. Congratulations btw!

  3. congratulations Vicky! Three cheers for handmade weddings! Yours looks gorgeous and very creative too! hurrah!