Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Last Week in Pictures

This week I have been mostly loving:

Free yarrow from the lawn outside the flat popped into a 49p vintage glass bottle from the charity shop down the road - what a bargain way to add a little decoration to my already nearly-full makeshift mantelpiece!

New charity shop bargains - a small floral dish and a vintage candle-holder from Barnardos, retro doilies and a 70's paisley skirt (to use as fabric in various sewing projects) from Sue Ryder, and a lovely selection of vintage-y tops from British Heart Foundation. Apart from the shop I work in (and supermarkets!), I can't remember when I last went in a shop that sold brand new things!

Beautiful sunsets from the lounge window and the light filling every inch of the room.

My ever-expanding plate collection. When we move house, my three requirements are going to be a third bedroom (for crafts, not extra babies!), a large garden (for the existing baby!) and a plate rack!

Beautiful gladioli and sunflowers from a beautiful friend.

Our bedroom being full to the brim of vintage and second hand clothes ready for customising and selling on. They seem to have spilled out of the wardrobe and across anything I can hang them from!

All in all, a good week!

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  1. I love the sunset picture with your shadow on the wall!